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Welcome New Students!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Important information for new student enrollment

Welcome to KB Highland Dance! I am excited to begin this journey into teaching, and look forward to working with you on your Highland Dance training!

We will work together to set and train toward your individual dance goals

Enrollment Information

Classes are scheduled to begin this fall (September 5th, 2022). As of right now, the program page outlines the classes that will be offered, but the scheduled times and dates will be set and finalized based upon enrollment. If you have preferred days & times that work for you, please note them on your enrollment form.

Classes will be held in my home based studio space in Carleton Place (off Highway 7). The space is designed for private and semi-private lessons. Small group (skills and drills class) will also be held here and may utilize outdoor space at times.

Students will receive information in their enrollment package detailing class structure, required dance gear (i.e highland shoes, dance blochs/runners, skipping rope etc) and information relating to the studio policies.

Fees are outlined in the enrollment package - preferred rate offered for enrollment in multiple classes.

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